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THE LEGEND OF Kalei'opu'u

The Legend of Kalei'opu'u: As told by the Kamaki Kanahele Family

In ancient times, this spot, where Kalei'opu'u sits today, was the place where Kahuna La'au Lapa'au (medical healers) came to fetch there herbs. During a certain time of the seasons (just before Makahiki), Kahuna came into the bay (Pearl Harbor) by canoe to gather their medicines. Legends say that they disembarked from their canoes and sent up a chant in the style called "Ho'ae'ae." When they chanted, a rainbow appeared. The rainbow's colors were so bright that it reflected its colors onto this hill lighting it up full with its colors. Where the colors fell on the land was located the special healing herbs that they came to fetch. The legend says that when the rainbow disappeared, the flowers from the same herbs took on the colors of the rainbow and left this hill or pu'u looking like a beautiful lei with rainbow colors. Hence the name "Kalei'opu'u," literally translated as "lei on the hillside."

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